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EV-ERY-ONE is talking about last night's Academy Awards.  It just wouldn't be right if we didn't put our two cents in, now would it.  Special thanks & love to those who joined us on Twitter for our live tweets during the Oscars!
Here's quick run down of my picks for the stand out moments and looks of the night - we've got 'em.  (Drum roll, please.)

Best Dressed: Michelle Williams in a coral Louis Vuitton gown with a side-jeweled bow and peplum - a trend you'll want to get in on this Spring.

Best Cape: Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford - if any one could pull off a cape on the red carpet - it's her, and she did right by Mr. Ford.

Best Red Carpet Stunt: Sacha Baron Cohen's Dictator alter ego pours "ashes" on Ryan Seacrest during a red carpet interview

Best Fashion Tape: Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad knows how to wow on the red carpet - one sneeze and it would've been a Janet Jackson situation. 

Best Red Carpet Pose: Angelina Jolie - that high slit in her black velvet gown was hard to miss with her right leg-featured pose.  I believe it'll be a new pose trend (like tebowing)

Best Presenter: Emma Stone (in Giambattista Valli) milking her first award presenting moment - even invited Jonah Hill up to the stage to dance.

Best Presenter Entrance: Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis in all white tuxedos crashing symbols in front of Brangelina before marching up to stage - hilarious

Best BFF: Busy Philipps was stunning with her BFF, Michelle Williams.  We adore celebrity BFFs :)

Do you have an Oscar award I might have missed?  Let me know in the comments!

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Sadie's Picks:

Blair's Picks:

and the winner is... ADELE (of course)

Not only did she take home six Grammy's Sunday night, Adele was sparkling from head to toe on the red carpet AND as she graciously accepted each award.  Both dresses suited her very well and were absolutely stunning on her.  From the flawless hair to the perfect makeup, Adele was our favorite of the night.
Adele's red carpet black, custom-made, sequined Armani gown. She sang "Rolling In The Deep" in a lovely polka dot, lace dress.
Any Jersey Shore fans out there? Don't be embarrassed! Jersey Shore is in it's fifth season and it's been quite a success! Some of us may despise the show but there are quite a few of you out there that are glued to that big screen when it airs. No need to be shy about it. We're somewhat addicted to the show too!  

The show itself is quite entertaining, and there is one "meatball" on the show that we have our eye on. Snooki! For those of you who don't watch the show, Snooki is the short tanned girl with huge breasts. She's the one that's always drunk, wearing short dresses and flashing her vajayjay!  We're sure that Snooki is one sweet young gal and while she's miss party gal on the show, she's landed quite a few endorsement deals bringing in some "cha-ching" for her bank accounts! Mad props to ya!

When Snooki is on these business deals we're wondering if she dresses differently than what she typically wears on the show. Hmmmm maybe not? Short revealing dresses and loads of makeup must be a ton of work for such a busy gal.

Here's what Snooki typically wears on the show.
Here's Snooki during her Inside Edition Makeover a couple years ago. She looks so sophisticated and well put together! 
Snooki, you're so much fun on the show but we'd love to see you dressed like this more often! You look fabulous!  

Are any of you Jersey Shore fans? What do you want to see Snooki wearing?

Oh yeaaaaaaaaah!
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The Royal Wedding might have been Kate's day, but it was Pippa's debut to the world - specifically the USA where we're fashion and style obsessed.  

Since that April morning when we saw her carry the train of her sister's beautiful bridal gown, we all want to know what Pippa is wearing.  In fact, I heard on the news that Pippa's nose is the most requested plastic surgery right now, but that's beside the point.  This Middleton has fans all over the world and has a new nickname: "Her Royal Hotness"

She has some serious star power, meaning once people find out what she's wearing and where she bought it, the items sell out immediately!  Talk about a trend-setter:)  What I love about her style:  She keeps it classy and elegant with a touch of sexy.  

While the Royals work on their first year of marriage and all it's responsibilities, we'll turn our attention to sister Pippa for more style inspiration.  

Do you have a favorite Pippa look?  Share it!


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Welcome to June, aka the beginning of wedding season.  With the royal wedding behind us, the dress replicas of Kate and Pippa are ready for purchase.  And I have to say, they are pretty darn close to what the Middleton sisters wore that lovely day in May when my friends and I stayed up and toasted to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Thank heavens, sketch artists were eagerly standing by to catch every detail of the bride and her Maid of Honor.  It was only a matter of days that a sample was available for pre-order!  If you're anything like me, you know at least one bride-to-be in your life, and perhaps she is one to carry a royal dress such as Kate did.  If you're not one for lace,  Pippa's dress offers a chic and flattering look without being plain.  
These royal replicas are available at Dillards and are quite affordable for anyone on a budget (which really is all of us, these days).  Kate's replica is priced at $695 and Pippa's is priced at $220.
Needless to say, these sisters are proving to be style starlets.

Walking hand-in-hand with President Obama, Michelle always looks stunning as she steps out of Air Force One. Michelle's sense of style is truly unique for a First Lady. If you've paid any attention to her style since President Obama first began campaigning, you'll see that her style reflects a lot about her personality.

Michelle represents herself with elegance, poise, and good-will. She's also down-to-earth and truly loves her family!
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I'm always delighted to see what Michelle wears. The gowns which she's chosen in past events seem to work well for her tall and lean figure. We can see that she also enjoys wearing structured pieces that are bold and unique remaining true to her personal style. Just because you are the First Lady doesn't mean you have to stick with plain boring suits. She looks fabulous in brights and lights and we can see that she isn't afraid to mix and match different patterns and pieces.

Michelle is one Leading Lady that isn't afraid to tone it up a bit with her brights and embellishments. She loves accessorizing with big chunky belts, as well as big bold brooches to add a bit of flair to her outfit.

Do you like Michelle Obama's sense of style? I do!

Blair :)
Have you ever had a hard time shopping for tasteful, affordable, good quality jewelry?

Well look no further! We recommend checking out www.jewelmint.com. This is a great site owned by Celebrity Stylist/Designer- Cher Coulter and Actress- Kate Bosworth. Jewel Mint carries unique pieces of jewelry that are tailored to your own specific style.

Check out my personal tailored style from Jewel Mint.
Did we mention that it's affordable too? For only $29.99 a month you get to pick a piece of jewelry you want shipped to your door. An added bonus- FREE SHIPPING & FREE RETURNS! There is absolutely no catch! My new necklace is on it's way to me as we speak. =)

If you love to accessorize and enjoy shopping for uncommon jewelry, then this site is for you!

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If you've ever watched "The Osbourne's" or "Fashion Police" then you know the wickedly funny, Kelly Osboune. Kelly has always been a favorite of mine. She's always been brutally honest and what can we say, we LOVE her British accent.

Kelly has been stepping up and stepping out in the most adorable attire. We've seen her lose a lot of weight and change up her style looking more and more sophisticated these days. What I admire most about Kelly is that she is true to her personality. I really enjoy looking at magazines and articles showing us how she is able to incorporate a dose of the heavy metal personality  (which she possesses from her family) into her daily wardrobe. Dressed very swank and mod on her casual days and absolutely magnificent when walking the red carpet.  

It's no surprise why Madonna picked Kelly to be the face of her line "Material Girl".

Check out Kelly Osbourne's unique and playful style.
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Tell us who is your best dressed celebrity and why?
Japan Relief T-Shirt available at www.toryburch.com
The devastation in Japan is has left us all heart-broken and eager to help.  Designer, Tory Burch, announced yesterday that her Japan Relief T-Shirt is available for pre-order on her website (www.toryburch.com) and 100% of the proceeds will go to the American Red Cross to benefit Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami relief efforts.

The t-shirt is priced at $29, and will be sold through September 15, 2011.  Tory Burch's simplistic, artistic design is a great way to keep the thousands of people effected by this disaster at the forefront of our minds.  And this may even spark other creative minds to design other ways to lend a hand to Japan.

Thanks, Tory Burch, for motivating us to give back and keeping us stylish at the same time.

Don't you just love when the actresses walk down the red carpet? It's my favorite part of the show! Red was definitely a hot color of the night! J-Hud sporting her new hot bod along with Sandra and many others who all looked beautiful last night.

2011 Oscar's co-host Anne Hathaway is one of my favorite actresses! What did you think of Anne's dresses for the awards show? Anne's got that quirky personality, she's pretty, she's tall, and she's a wonderful actress. I love how you get a little bit of her "real" personality in all her movies. There were some dresses that I think were more beautiful than others but overall she did not disapoint! Here's another pic of Anne shakin' things up at the Oscars. She's such a doll!

Mila Kunis- another beautiful actress wearing a lavender lace frill gown by Elie Saab Haute Couture. Mila is definitely not afraid of color. I was actually shocked to see her in a gown in this shade of purple, I imagined something more bold, since it's what we've seen in the past award shows. Mila looks gorgeous! I'm so glad to see her break out into the spotlight. She is definitely fashion forward and I can't wait to see if she becomes one of Hollywood's leading ladies of style!
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 Reporting live from the Red Carpet- Blair  ;)