Any Jersey Shore fans out there? Don't be embarrassed! Jersey Shore is in it's fifth season and it's been quite a success! Some of us may despise the show but there are quite a few of you out there that are glued to that big screen when it airs. No need to be shy about it. We're somewhat addicted to the show too!  

The show itself is quite entertaining, and there is one "meatball" on the show that we have our eye on. Snooki! For those of you who don't watch the show, Snooki is the short tanned girl with huge breasts. She's the one that's always drunk, wearing short dresses and flashing her vajayjay!  We're sure that Snooki is one sweet young gal and while she's miss party gal on the show, she's landed quite a few endorsement deals bringing in some "cha-ching" for her bank accounts! Mad props to ya!

When Snooki is on these business deals we're wondering if she dresses differently than what she typically wears on the show. Hmmmm maybe not? Short revealing dresses and loads of makeup must be a ton of work for such a busy gal.

Here's what Snooki typically wears on the show.
Here's Snooki during her Inside Edition Makeover a couple years ago. She looks so sophisticated and well put together! 
Snooki, you're so much fun on the show but we'd love to see you dressed like this more often! You look fabulous!  

Are any of you Jersey Shore fans? What do you want to see Snooki wearing?

Oh yeaaaaaaaaah!
Photos Courtesy of Inside Edition