Walking hand-in-hand with President Obama, Michelle always looks stunning as she steps out of Air Force One. Michelle's sense of style is truly unique for a First Lady. If you've paid any attention to her style since President Obama first began campaigning, you'll see that her style reflects a lot about her personality.

Michelle represents herself with elegance, poise, and good-will. She's also down-to-earth and truly loves her family!
Photos Courtesty of The Cut
I'm always delighted to see what Michelle wears. The gowns which she's chosen in past events seem to work well for her tall and lean figure. We can see that she also enjoys wearing structured pieces that are bold and unique remaining true to her personal style. Just because you are the First Lady doesn't mean you have to stick with plain boring suits. She looks fabulous in brights and lights and we can see that she isn't afraid to mix and match different patterns and pieces.

Michelle is one Leading Lady that isn't afraid to tone it up a bit with her brights and embellishments. She loves accessorizing with big chunky belts, as well as big bold brooches to add a bit of flair to her outfit.

Do you like Michelle Obama's sense of style? I do!

Blair :)