Have you ever had a hard time shopping for tasteful, affordable, good quality jewelry?

Well look no further! We recommend checking out www.jewelmint.com. This is a great site owned by Celebrity Stylist/Designer- Cher Coulter and Actress- Kate Bosworth. Jewel Mint carries unique pieces of jewelry that are tailored to your own specific style.

Check out my personal tailored style from Jewel Mint.
Did we mention that it's affordable too? For only $29.99 a month you get to pick a piece of jewelry you want shipped to your door. An added bonus- FREE SHIPPING & FREE RETURNS! There is absolutely no catch! My new necklace is on it's way to me as we speak. =)

If you love to accessorize and enjoy shopping for uncommon jewelry, then this site is for you!

Photos Courtesy of Jewel Mint


05/24/2011 12:32

I love it! Those necklaces are right up my alley. Thanks for sharing the word, will definitely check it out! :)


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