Welcome to June, aka the beginning of wedding season.  With the royal wedding behind us, the dress replicas of Kate and Pippa are ready for purchase.  And I have to say, they are pretty darn close to what the Middleton sisters wore that lovely day in May when my friends and I stayed up and toasted to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Thank heavens, sketch artists were eagerly standing by to catch every detail of the bride and her Maid of Honor.  It was only a matter of days that a sample was available for pre-order!  If you're anything like me, you know at least one bride-to-be in your life, and perhaps she is one to carry a royal dress such as Kate did.  If you're not one for lace,  Pippa's dress offers a chic and flattering look without being plain.  
These royal replicas are available at Dillards and are quite affordable for anyone on a budget (which really is all of us, these days).  Kate's replica is priced at $695 and Pippa's is priced at $220.
Needless to say, these sisters are proving to be style starlets.



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