Freebies! I love Sephora and I love ordering from them because they have great freebies, products and reviews. Who doesn't love free stuff from Sephora?

One of the samples that Sephora sent was called Afterglow Glide on Cheek Tint from Urban Decay. I’m so glad I tried it because it’s one product that I always keep in my makeup bag. The sample color that I tried was “Quickie”. Don’t let the color or name fool you! I was a little intimidated at first because the color was so bright but after you glide it on your cheeks it really is an “afterglow”.

I’ve worn colors crush and quickie over my foundation and have been very happy with the results.

If you’re going to use your hands to apply I recommend washing your hands and face first before gliding on the cheek tint. This is to minimize the oil being transferred from your hands to your face. This is most important if you have oily skin. I have oily skin and so far so good! You can also use a brush but I find it easier to use my fingers.

This cheek tint is lightweight, has vitamins, and can be worn even if you have oily skin. It blends so easily and is also buildable so If you like a little or a lot of color then this is something you should try!

You can get these cheek tints at Urban Decay, Sephora, and ULTA.

If you try it and you like it, you'll be crushin' on the blush too!

XOXO -Blair
Muffin tops, beer belly, spare tires, donuts, call it what you may but it’s the same area where many women have a problem, their mid-section.

A few people have asked how to find shapewear that is comfortable yet provides the support that they need. I’ve only tried a few brands and Spanx is the only brand that has worked for me.

I was introduced to Spanx when Oprah endorsed Sara Blakely on her show and I remember watching the episode thinking “wow that’s amazing!”

Sadie and I went shopping one day and she insist I try on a pair of Spanx “Super Higher Power” shapewear. It’s a little embarrassing shopping for undergarments but if you have the right person to shop with, it makes things much easier.

Super higher power is a little tough to put on but when you finally get that thing past your thighs and over your stomach, you’re instantly transformed! It’s only tough the first couple of times but after that- it’s a breeze! Thank you Sadie -I owe you one! 

Don't believe it works? Let's look at my before and after shot. I have a fitted cotton dress that I never wear unless I wear my Spanx underneath. You'll see why. 



I'm sucked in and still able to sit comfortably and my mid-section is completely controlled. Spanx is much better than having the boning of a corset dig at your side.  Super higher power is a biker short that is pulled all the way up to the bottom of your bra supporting the appropriate areas. You'll get that slim hourglass figure like your favorite actress walking the red carpet.

Next time you’re at Nordstrom’s try on a pair of Spanx shapewear and share your experience with us! 

Birds are singing, grass is growing, and my eyes are itchy. That means one thing, Spring is coming! Spring's been on my mind for quite some time and I've mentally noted that pleats will be my spring fling! Not just regular pleats, accordion pleats! 

Accordion pleats are soft and feminine. As you're walking, the skirt moves gracefully swishing from side to side. It's quite appealing! 

Do you like pleats? Or are you a gal that can’t quite figure out what to wear with a pleated skirt? Here are some tips and tricks on how to wear this particular skirt without that school girl look. 

If you’re unsure about what to wear with a pleated skirt here’s one thing to keep in mind, make sure your top is a simple cut.

I picked out a simple silk blouse that can be purchased just about anywhere. This is a staple and should be in every woman’s wardrobe. You also have the option of wearing a belt with your skirt allowing you to play up those curves! Oh yes people, even if you don't have any!
For an effortless look, roll up your sleeves and unbutton the top. Pleats are fun! You don’t want to take away from the zig zags and swishy feel with a busy blouse.

Keep the look classy with jewel tones, big bangles, or a statement necklace. These are great ways to warm up and complete the look. All you need is a doctor bag, bowling bag, or sexy sling purse and you’re ready for a day or evening look!
Platforms? I know they’re pretty popular right now but I’d step away and step into pumps, peep-toes, or ballet flats. All classic and can be worn with everything!
Seems simple enough right? I'm in love with accordion pleats! If I can find one in a bright green I'd be one happy lady! If you're already a pleat lover, fabulous! If not, I hope to see YOU rockin' a pleat skirt soon!

Your friend,


Dear Cupid, 
I know you're a busy guy, flying around with your bow and arrow of love and all.  So, I'm writing this piece of advice for you.  With Valentine's Day a mere week away, this "love" letter is designed to make your life easier.  You'll save yourself a lot of time, and me the calories of a decadent box of Godiva.  To be completely honest, it'll expand your horizons when it comes to heart-day gifts.  In an effort to make this a win-win holiday for everyone, I suggest you stick to the list:

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Mini Charm Heart Stud Earrings
2. Henri Bendel Bow Leather Bracelet
3. Chanel Sunglasses
4. Rachel Roy Lacina Wedges
5. BaubleBar Nameplate Necklace
6. Isaac Mizrahi Quilted Cross body Bag
                                                                                         7. Ivanka Trump Necklace
                                                                                         8. Toms Corbel Classic Floral Print Shoes
                                                                                         9. Kate Spade 'Be Mine' Mini Heart Ring
                                                                                       10. David Beckham Bodywear (for my stud, of course)

Cupid, you're so sweet to read this and even sweeter to make any one (or multiple) of these items meet me on a day in honor of you.  By no means are all of these gifts required next week, but they would certainly make my heart happy.  

Until next year, keep the love in the air,

Struggle trying to get your carry-on to zip up? Too cheap to check in your baggage? Oh trust me, you're not the only one! 

Last year, I went on a few trips and each time I had to pack I had to sit on my suitcase to get that darn thing to zip up. I don't like to be unprepared for trips so that leaves me to shove every little thing I can in my carry-on to alleviate from checking in my suitcase. 

Everyone jokes about how heavy my suitcases are so I decided that I'll be making some changes to the way I pack. It's also because I can barely pick up and carry my suitcase to put in the overhead compartment and mainly my frustration of bringing a bunch of clothes that I don't end up wearing. If I was going out of town for four days I would pack four pairs of jeans. I would also pack skirts, dresses, and tops to go with each pair of jeans. How I've managed to fit all that into a carry-on I have no idea! 

Take a look at my new way of packing! 

For future trips I plan on packing more basics and more accessories. 

A black tank dress or top is the cheapest and most versatile piece of clothing a woman must own. It can go under everything! Or it can worn by itself. 

In the first combination the black dress is paired with a simple cardigan and jeans. This is the most the most basic but easy outfit to put together. The satchel bag is another must have because it's stylish yet convenient. You'll be able to snap that pic and not have to worry about setting your purse down anywhere. 

A necklace for some flair, a belted cardigan to accentuate the waistline and fun flats are added for perfect day to sight-see. 

The second combination is very similar to the first but the difference is the cardigan is layered over the tunic. For a little jazz un-button the cardigan and wear a belt over the tunic. There's also the option of wearing a belt over the cardigan and pairing it with stockings. How many combinations do we have here and we've only added the stockings and tunic?! 
This last combination is still basic and very chic. Here we've taken away the stockings. But if it's chilly out feel free to bust out the stockings. Play it up! Adding a necklace instead of a scarf is a no-brainer depending on the weather or event.  Belted or unbelted this outfit makes yet another basic but fabulous combo! 

I've only listed a few basics but you get the idea. Trying to create different combinations with basics and accessories is the way to go when trying to pack light and save space. If you're going on a trip you definitely want to save space. Where are all your new purchases going to fit when you fly back? ;) 

Hasta la vista baby, Blair
It’s the start of a new year and I’m trying something new! Something I’ve never done before and something that’s going to be tough for me to do.  That would be, to take a step back on shopping!

Yes, it’s quite shocking! Trust me I know. I’ve realized after so many years and many trips to the Goodwill, I simply need to de-clutter and keep my closet organized. 

I unsubscribed to all my favorite department store emails, boutique emails, and even the online shops that have the GREATEST sales!  This was my first step on trying to cut back on spending so much on clothes that I will wear once and to keep my closet rod from breaking, yet again. 

The next thing I did. I recruited my sister to help me go through my closet and get rid of clothes that I no longer wear. Boy was that tough! It was just like watching an episode of “What Not to Wear”! Brutal!

This year I’m going to try my very best to buy things that I absolutely MUST have or NEED and not because I WANT. I have to tell myself that just because I see a sale sign in the window that I don’t have to walk in.  I will not go shopping unless I have budgeted for it and most importantly- I will not buy another pair of black pumps because I have three sitting in my closet that are almost exactly alike! I also must remember that the long sleeve button down blouse on sale at Bloomies with an additional 20% off, I don’t need it because I  have ONE, TWO, maybe even THREE almost just like it! 

Here's to the New Year and doing something new!  

XO, Blair

Obsessed with makeup? I know- we are too! Friday was another adventuresome day for Sadie & Blair. We walked into one of our favorite stores that day (Nordstrom of course) and was immediately approached by a makeup artist.

Nars had a promotion going on and if you spent a "certain" amount- you get a special gift. With makeup, it's so easy to hit that "certain" amount. Makeup is so expensive! Okay okay let us correct ourselves, Nars makeup is expensive. But with good reason!

2:00 rolled around and we both hopped into our chairs. We worked with makeup artists Hank and Suzy. Hank has worked with A-list celebrities and has traveled all around the world. Suzy on the other hand is a makeup artist by day and fashion designer by night. We were lucky enough to see one of her designs that she had on hand that day. They are both so much fun and very informative.

Suzy helped us with what type of makeup we wanted for our big days. (We're both engaged). She helped us with color, skin preparation, and how easy it is to create that J-Lo glow, which is what we were looking for.

Take a look below at some of our most favorite purchases.

Nars Alhambra Duo Eye Shadow

This is a perfect combination eye shadow! We both don't usually wear eyeshadow but we bought this because it's natural with a bit of shimmer for that glowing look. It can easily be applied over a primer and can be worn in the day as well as the evening for a sexy sultry look.

Nars Wide Angle Brush #16

This is the PERFECT brush to apply eyeshadow. It sweeps, blends, and applies very well. There's so many different types of brushes but this one does the trick!

Nars Laguna Bronzer

Want that sun-kissed look? Well this will do it! Bronzer is great! You can brush this along your jawline, the bridge of your nose, forehead, and even the apples of your cheeks. Bronzer can re-shape and create some depth in areas of your face. Suzy mentioned you can even use this in the crease of your lids to get more depth instead of using a darker shadow. Bronzer is very easy to apply and you don't need to sit in the sun for the entire day to get a nice tan. This does it for you!

Nars Illuminator in Super Orgasm

This is our favorite purchase! This illuminator helped create that sun-kissed glow that we wanted. Also easy to apply. Using your ring finger, dab and move your finger starting at the apples of your cheeks and go up to the side of your eyes. That easy!

Makeup can be lots of fun! You never want it to be overwhelming. It's always important to know how to apply it correctly and NOT to over do it. We suggest going to the Nars counter at Nordstrom Valley Fair to schedule an appointment with Suzy and Hank. They are FAB-U-LOUS and they will take care of you like they took care of us!

To purchase Nars cosmetics visit:


Nars Cosmetics


Sadie & Blair

Know anyone getting married this year? I do and I’m thrilled!

Wedding season is in full swing! Have you decided what to wear? If not, take notes girlfriends because we have a few tips that will help when trying to find that perfect dress for any upcoming wedding.

Do NOT wear white!

You may have found the cutest white lace overlay dress but if it’s white, stop right there and put it back on the rack. It is the Bride’s day to wear white so don’t compete with her and let her have her day.

What does the invitation say and what does it look like?

Is the invitation formal? Does it say formal attire or semi-formal attire? Is the wedding in the daytime or is it in the evening? These are all basic questions that you should think about when deciding what dress you want to wear.

Indoor/Outdoor Reception

Figure out if the ceremony/reception is indoors or out. Will you be walking long distances from the ceremony site to the reception site? You don’t want to be walking in 5-inch stiletto heels in the grass. You’ll start sinking in no time and you will NOT look cute.

Don’t dress like you’re going clubbing

Save yourself from being talked about and don’t wear something overly sexy. It’s not the club, it’s a wedding. With that being said keep your skin covered! I’ve seen so many people wear slinky clubbing dresses with cheap 5 inch stiletto heels. This is just tacky tacky tacky!

What’s appropriate?

Wear something feminine and soft for a day-time wedding. You can also wear black if the wedding is in the evening after 6:00pm. Cocktail dresses are always fun to wear and I’m sure you can find the perfect colored dress for a day-time or evening celebration.

Adding accessories such as a hat (day-time) or fascinator with short gloves are subtle and can still complete your day-time or evening look.

If you've searched high and low for a dress and still have no luck. Check out Nordstroms!  Nordy's has tons of dresses and they even have a section online for "Guests of the Wedding".

Please remember...always use good judgment. If you have to ask yourself “is this appropriate?” chances are it isn’t so keep looking!

Adios, Blair

The heat is here and it's here to stay! Everyone has been complaining about the cold wet crazy weather (including myself) and it's finally disappeared. Summer has radically appeared and has instantly warmed us up!

Say "ta-ta" to those thick chunky sweaters and heavy coats. It's time to bust out the bikinis, big floppy beach hats, and those cute sundresses. The heat is here!

Since warm weather has settled upon us what your are your Summer plans and what do you plan on wearing? Will you be wearing shorts with tanks and Havaianas? Or are you a little more girly and going to be living in your sundresses & sandals this summer? 

Tell us what your Summer staples are going to be and take a peek at mine!
I LIVE in sun dresses and maxi's during the Summer months. Throwing on a dress is easy and comfy.  I also like to add a little bit of drama to my look by adding a fedora or beach hat. The hat is a nice touch to any summer wardrobe and it protects your face from the scorching sun. I also enjoy wearing bikini tops under some of my dresses. It's easy and light and I don't feel so restricted. ;)

What do you think of my Summer staples? I'd say I'm ready for the sun and the beach!

<3, Blair
I am definitely one for a great sale, but what about when you're really strapped for cash?  I mean, you've paid all your bills, rent is due, you spent more than you expected at your BFF's birthday dinner, and your wallet is still recovering from your last retail-therapy extravaganza - yeah, I'm talking about that kind of broke.
Being low on the dough doesn't mean you're at a complete loss for a fashionable pick-me-up.
It means get the nail polish out and express your artistic side!  The runways were all about the nail art this year and that detail goes a long way.  So, ditch your french manicure and go bold, or glittery, or floral!  Painting your nails is THE best way to glam-up when your cash count is down.
Here are my top 3 picks:

Need more inspiration?  Watch this Sophy Robson "Grown Up Glitter" video: