Struggle trying to get your carry-on to zip up? Too cheap to check in your baggage? Oh trust me, you're not the only one! 

Last year, I went on a few trips and each time I had to pack I had to sit on my suitcase to get that darn thing to zip up. I don't like to be unprepared for trips so that leaves me to shove every little thing I can in my carry-on to alleviate from checking in my suitcase. 

Everyone jokes about how heavy my suitcases are so I decided that I'll be making some changes to the way I pack. It's also because I can barely pick up and carry my suitcase to put in the overhead compartment and mainly my frustration of bringing a bunch of clothes that I don't end up wearing. If I was going out of town for four days I would pack four pairs of jeans. I would also pack skirts, dresses, and tops to go with each pair of jeans. How I've managed to fit all that into a carry-on I have no idea! 

Take a look at my new way of packing! 

For future trips I plan on packing more basics and more accessories. 

A black tank dress or top is the cheapest and most versatile piece of clothing a woman must own. It can go under everything! Or it can worn by itself. 

In the first combination the black dress is paired with a simple cardigan and jeans. This is the most the most basic but easy outfit to put together. The satchel bag is another must have because it's stylish yet convenient. You'll be able to snap that pic and not have to worry about setting your purse down anywhere. 

A necklace for some flair, a belted cardigan to accentuate the waistline and fun flats are added for perfect day to sight-see. 

The second combination is very similar to the first but the difference is the cardigan is layered over the tunic. For a little jazz un-button the cardigan and wear a belt over the tunic. There's also the option of wearing a belt over the cardigan and pairing it with stockings. How many combinations do we have here and we've only added the stockings and tunic?! 
This last combination is still basic and very chic. Here we've taken away the stockings. But if it's chilly out feel free to bust out the stockings. Play it up! Adding a necklace instead of a scarf is a no-brainer depending on the weather or event.  Belted or unbelted this outfit makes yet another basic but fabulous combo! 

I've only listed a few basics but you get the idea. Trying to create different combinations with basics and accessories is the way to go when trying to pack light and save space. If you're going on a trip you definitely want to save space. Where are all your new purchases going to fit when you fly back? ;) 

Hasta la vista baby, Blair

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