We're not only excited because it's Friday we're excited because we don't have to get dressed up! In many workplaces people aren't allowed to just show up in their pajamas. Aren't you embarrassed to go anywhere in your PJ's let alone to work in them?

Well here is one casual Friday outfit that makes a statement while being appropriate for work. It's stylish and comfy.
A nice dark pair of denim jeans paired with a basic top seems simple enough to wear to work. If you tuck in your top, you can add a brightly colored belt to make the outfit more appealing.  An accessory here and there accompanied by a nice tailored blazer and you've got a head-to-toe professional yet casual look!

XO Blair

Madewell Striped Tribute Tee: $38
Stretched Jeans: CJ by Cookie Johnson Pure Stretch Trouser jeans @ Neiman Marcus: $68
Wide Heel Court Shoe (Zara): $100
Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Straw Doctor Bag: $58
Old Navy Women's Multi-Chain Fashion Necklace: $11
Dorothy Perkins Red Skinny Belt: $11
Chanel Classic Jacket

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