Dear Cupid, 
I know you're a busy guy, flying around with your bow and arrow of love and all.  So, I'm writing this piece of advice for you.  With Valentine's Day a mere week away, this "love" letter is designed to make your life easier.  You'll save yourself a lot of time, and me the calories of a decadent box of Godiva.  To be completely honest, it'll expand your horizons when it comes to heart-day gifts.  In an effort to make this a win-win holiday for everyone, I suggest you stick to the list:

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Mini Charm Heart Stud Earrings
2. Henri Bendel Bow Leather Bracelet
3. Chanel Sunglasses
4. Rachel Roy Lacina Wedges
5. BaubleBar Nameplate Necklace
6. Isaac Mizrahi Quilted Cross body Bag
                                                                                         7. Ivanka Trump Necklace
                                                                                         8. Toms Corbel Classic Floral Print Shoes
                                                                                         9. Kate Spade 'Be Mine' Mini Heart Ring
                                                                                       10. David Beckham Bodywear (for my stud, of course)

Cupid, you're so sweet to read this and even sweeter to make any one (or multiple) of these items meet me on a day in honor of you.  By no means are all of these gifts required next week, but they would certainly make my heart happy.  

Until next year, keep the love in the air,