Muffin tops, beer belly, spare tires, donuts, call it what you may but it’s the same area where many women have a problem, their mid-section.

A few people have asked how to find shapewear that is comfortable yet provides the support that they need. I’ve only tried a few brands and Spanx is the only brand that has worked for me.

I was introduced to Spanx when Oprah endorsed Sara Blakely on her show and I remember watching the episode thinking “wow that’s amazing!”

Sadie and I went shopping one day and she insist I try on a pair of Spanx “Super Higher Power” shapewear. It’s a little embarrassing shopping for undergarments but if you have the right person to shop with, it makes things much easier.

Super higher power is a little tough to put on but when you finally get that thing past your thighs and over your stomach, you’re instantly transformed! It’s only tough the first couple of times but after that- it’s a breeze! Thank you Sadie -I owe you one! 

Don't believe it works? Let's look at my before and after shot. I have a fitted cotton dress that I never wear unless I wear my Spanx underneath. You'll see why. 



I'm sucked in and still able to sit comfortably and my mid-section is completely controlled. Spanx is much better than having the boning of a corset dig at your side.  Super higher power is a biker short that is pulled all the way up to the bottom of your bra supporting the appropriate areas. You'll get that slim hourglass figure like your favorite actress walking the red carpet.

Next time you’re at Nordstrom’s try on a pair of Spanx shapewear and share your experience with us!