I am definitely one for a great sale, but what about when you're really strapped for cash?  I mean, you've paid all your bills, rent is due, you spent more than you expected at your BFF's birthday dinner, and your wallet is still recovering from your last retail-therapy extravaganza - yeah, I'm talking about that kind of broke.
Being low on the dough doesn't mean you're at a complete loss for a fashionable pick-me-up.
It means get the nail polish out and express your artistic side!  The runways were all about the nail art this year and that detail goes a long way.  So, ditch your french manicure and go bold, or glittery, or floral!  Painting your nails is THE best way to glam-up when your cash count is down.
Here are my top 3 picks:

Need more inspiration?  Watch this Sophy Robson "Grown Up Glitter" video:

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