You're walking down the street and heads are turning. There are two main reasons why people would do this.

Someone either:

A.) Loves your look and can't help but stare 
B.) Is wondering why you look like a bus hit you

Hopefully, in your case you are option A. If not, read on fellow fashionistas!

When you over accessorize, have pounds make up on your face, your hair is crunchy from the Aquanet hairspray, and your pieces of clothing consists of a bright color/ ripped or slouchy tops/ and ripped  jeans- Let's be honest, it's just COMPLETE CHAOS! That's the reason why people look at you with that confused look on their face. It's not because they think you are cute it's because they are in shock!

Find out what your signature style is. Perhaps you yourself are trying to find out. 

In any case, go shopping with a good honest friend and ask for their opinion. If they have that cringe look on their face when you try something on, then be open to their suggestions or comments.

The idea is to look balanced and not crazy. Tell yourself that you don't have to wear every piece of accessory with every outfit.

Here are a couple tips on looking good without looking overdone.

If you want to wear a bright article of clothing, keep the rest of your wardrobe simple. A brightly colored shirt with dark or black denim, minimal make-up, simple hair-do and a few accessories is plenty. The focus is on the bright colored shirt and someone will actually see it!

Now if you decide that you want to wear your favorite pair of jeans that have holes in them, you may do so with a simple top. You can also play up your make-up a bit since the attention is drawn to the lower part of your body. Pair your jeans with a nice fun pair of pumps, a few accessories, a nice do, and you've got a look that will turn heads- the right way!

XO Blair

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