It’s the start of a new year and I’m trying something new! Something I’ve never done before and something that’s going to be tough for me to do.  That would be, to take a step back on shopping!

Yes, it’s quite shocking! Trust me I know. I’ve realized after so many years and many trips to the Goodwill, I simply need to de-clutter and keep my closet organized. 

I unsubscribed to all my favorite department store emails, boutique emails, and even the online shops that have the GREATEST sales!  This was my first step on trying to cut back on spending so much on clothes that I will wear once and to keep my closet rod from breaking, yet again. 

The next thing I did. I recruited my sister to help me go through my closet and get rid of clothes that I no longer wear. Boy was that tough! It was just like watching an episode of “What Not to Wear”! Brutal!

This year I’m going to try my very best to buy things that I absolutely MUST have or NEED and not because I WANT. I have to tell myself that just because I see a sale sign in the window that I don’t have to walk in.  I will not go shopping unless I have budgeted for it and most importantly- I will not buy another pair of black pumps because I have three sitting in my closet that are almost exactly alike! I also must remember that the long sleeve button down blouse on sale at Bloomies with an additional 20% off, I don’t need it because I  have ONE, TWO, maybe even THREE almost just like it! 

Here's to the New Year and doing something new!  

XO, Blair

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