Know anyone getting married this year? I do and I’m thrilled!

Wedding season is in full swing! Have you decided what to wear? If not, take notes girlfriends because we have a few tips that will help when trying to find that perfect dress for any upcoming wedding.

Do NOT wear white!

You may have found the cutest white lace overlay dress but if it’s white, stop right there and put it back on the rack. It is the Bride’s day to wear white so don’t compete with her and let her have her day.

What does the invitation say and what does it look like?

Is the invitation formal? Does it say formal attire or semi-formal attire? Is the wedding in the daytime or is it in the evening? These are all basic questions that you should think about when deciding what dress you want to wear.

Indoor/Outdoor Reception

Figure out if the ceremony/reception is indoors or out. Will you be walking long distances from the ceremony site to the reception site? You don’t want to be walking in 5-inch stiletto heels in the grass. You’ll start sinking in no time and you will NOT look cute.

Don’t dress like you’re going clubbing

Save yourself from being talked about and don’t wear something overly sexy. It’s not the club, it’s a wedding. With that being said keep your skin covered! I’ve seen so many people wear slinky clubbing dresses with cheap 5 inch stiletto heels. This is just tacky tacky tacky!

What’s appropriate?

Wear something feminine and soft for a day-time wedding. You can also wear black if the wedding is in the evening after 6:00pm. Cocktail dresses are always fun to wear and I’m sure you can find the perfect colored dress for a day-time or evening celebration.

Adding accessories such as a hat (day-time) or fascinator with short gloves are subtle and can still complete your day-time or evening look.

If you've searched high and low for a dress and still have no luck. Check out Nordstroms!  Nordy's has tons of dresses and they even have a section online for "Guests of the Wedding".

Please remember...always use good judgment. If you have to ask yourself “is this appropriate?” chances are it isn’t so keep looking!

Adios, Blair

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