Photo courtesy of InStyle.com
With the highly anticipated return of the Mad Men series, it's a good thing Banana Republic has released another beautiful collection inspired by the hit show!  If it weren't for such stunning dresses, accessories and suits, the Mad Men show would easily fall off my radar.  (And I can't help but think that's the case for many other Mad Men fans.)  These classy, brightly colored pieces have just the right touch of 1960's charm and enough modern twist for any woman to catch (and keep) Don Draper's attention.  
Have a look at the line and let me know what you think...or what you'll buy ;)
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Photo courtesy of InStyle.com
Another fantastic collaboration is underway! Mad Men and Banana Republic have teamed up to launch a 65 piece line that consists of Fashion that reflects the 1960's.

Banana Republic (Gap) brought in award winner Janie Bryant, Mad Men's costume designer to help with the designs of the collection. Janie is a huge part of the television series and Gap's aspirations for keeping up with the aesthetics of the series was to work closely with the genius designer herself.
High waisted skirts, trench coats, leopard prints, top handle bags, pretty pumps, and sixties style dresses are coming to life. August 11th is when the collection hits stores and if you're a Banana Republic Facebook fan you can shop online a day early.  

Women aren't the only ones who will be able to take advantage of the collection. There will be pocket squares, money clips, suits, and knit sweaters available for men too!

What do you think of the collection? Will you be going mad?