Did you know that when you buy a pair of Toms shoes, Toms donates a pair to a child in need?

Toms are one of the most comfortable shoes ever! I suggest going out and trying on a pair to see for yourself. There are so many different types of patterns, fabrics, and even styles it's so hard to choose. The sooner you go out and buy your pair, the sooner you are able to help a child in need. Go to www.toms.com to find out more.

Toms isn't the only organization with this type of movement.

Warby Parker- another organization runs a similar approach to helping people in need. In this case it's with prescription eye glasses.

Warby Parker hopes to serve the people in this world who can't afford or gain access to glasses by donating a pair glasses when we purchase a pair. Check out their website today at www.warbyparker.com to get your pair. They offer a wide range of styles at affordable prices and FREE shipping!
We just love organizations like this! There are so many less fortunate people in the world, the smallest thing we can do to make a difference is promote and help organizations like Toms and Warby Parker.

If you know of any organizations that have a similar approach, please do share!
Shared by Blair
Photos Courtesy of Toms & Warby Parker