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Target is one of our favorite stores.   We've followed them through their 'GO Designer' seasons and now we're looking forward to September 13th - the day the Missoni line arrives at your local Target.

For over 50 years, Missoni's zigzags and colorful knits have been a prominent look in the fashion industry.  Now that this major powerhouse is teaming up with mega retailer Target, fashionistas, homes and stylish moms across America will have access to fabulous designer goods at reasonable prices.  Women's clothes, kids clothes, house wares, linens, luggage, makeup bags, totes, scarves, umbrellas, rain boots and even a beach cruiser are all part of this fantastic collection.  We both look forward to incorporating Missoni for Target pieces into our Fall/Winter wardrobes.

So why not add a little Missoni to your closet or bedroom or kitchen?  We're sure it'll bring a some cheer and light to the chilly last months of 2011.  

Fashionably yours,
Sadie & Blair

Missoni for Target available at Target stores Sept. 13 - Oct. 22, 2011

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