Hi! Ohhh........I love your shoes!!!! I'm Blair by the way and I can't stop staring at your beautiful shoes! 

I probably come across as completely crazy but that's how some of my conversations start and just today my conversation with a lady named Rebecca started just like that. 

Rebecca had on a pair of pumps that were the perfect blush tone. The pump had a chunky black heel with a big flat bow on top. The bow was the icing on the cake for me! I didn't want to completely freak her out by asking where she got them or what size she is so that I could try them on so I kept the convo short and sweet. Kidding! I'd never ask to try on someone's shoe. LOL!

It's funny because most people don't expect a stranger to compliment them.  And when they do they're surprised yet pleased to know that there are some decent human beings out there. 

I'm a little all over the place but it's one thing I know- I pay a lot of attention to people and their sense of style and when I like something-I tell em!  

Hope everyone had a great weekend, tata for now! 

Shoe Obsessed Photo Courtesy of Antidote Mag.
9/3/2013 03:21:54 am

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