Sadie's chosen few from Jason Wu for Target
Jason Wu - we love you, but you probably already knew that, being that we got up early and traveled to a couple of Targets in search for your budget-friendly line yesterday.  You had us from the moment Target announced your line - well, actually from the moment the First Lady chose your dress for the Inaugural Ball in 2009.  We thought your designs were modern with just the right touch of classic and fun.  We're so smitten, that we've considered adopting a cat and naming her Milu in honor of your talent.  Thank you for designing for all American fashionistas!

Now, dearest Target, we have a bone to pick with you.  While you know we love you (and shop at your store often), there are some serious things you must consider before the next big designer launch.  
First, if you're going to show us a line, please have ALL pieces available at stores where that line will be available for purchase.  You see, there were certain pieces (see below) we had our hearts set on that weren't available at the first, second or third Target locations you published on your list.  If you take this into consideration, you'd have many more happy shoppers who are more than willing to spend money because the pieces you promote are actually in the store.  And then there's the issue of your website: We found the same here - not all pieces advertised were offered on the site.  Don't get us wrong, we are aware of the several very savvy shoppers ready to scoop up the goods, but we were one of the many, the night before the launch waiting for the big tweet from @TargetStyle announcing #JasonWuforTarget was live.  What we got were trickles of the line - a dress here, a tote bag there - It wasn't enough to stay up past 1am.   If you're going live with a launch - do us a favor and all of the wonderfully Wu pieces there and ready to be added to the cart.  C'mon, Target, we believe you can do better next time - we certainly hope you will, at least for fashion's sake!  

yours truly,
Sadie & Blair