For as long as I can remember I tried to stay away from pastel tones and anything with a soft palette. Cream, dusty rose, pastel green, and light yellows I was afraid of. Corals, teal, fucshia, and cobalt blue are usually the colors I gravitate to. It wasn't until I re-organized my closet that I realized I had way too many coral dresses or cobalt blue tops. When I would go shopping I found myself picking up the same colors that were already in my closet. Did I really need another blue blouse? I was wasting my money!

I knew that the next time I would go shopping I would stear clear from the brights section and make my way to the other side. The lighter side! 

Finally, I got the courage to branch out and I slowly started buying blush tone blouses, nude skirts and cream dresses. Those colors paired so well with many things in my closet! Who knew?!

Eventually I added a few more pastels to my wardrobe. It was a matter of finding the perfect hue that complemented my skin tone. Cotton candy pink never seemed to work for my skin tone but I've found lavender, mint, and pale yellow colors have slowly made its way into my closet and it's been quite refreshing!

Tell me what are your fashion fears and how you overcame them! 


What’s something that’s fun, natural and holds everything but the kitchen sink?

Toss a blanket, bikini, and towel in your bag and you’re ready for the beach! If you’re headed to the local farmer’s market, a big straw bag is perfect for carrying fruits & veggies. A gal on the go? No worries! You’ve got plenty of room for a pair of flats and other essentials. 

Charlotte Russe Neon Straw Beach Tote


We’ve had sunny skies and warm weather during the past couple weeks and it's been quite nice! The warmer weather allowed me to swap out my big leather tote for a lightweight straw bag to get me ready for the season.
Straw bags are the perfect warm weather accessory and they're so fun and convenient!

There are many different styles and types of these fun loving totes. If you like something unexpected there are straw totes that are bold in color and bold in shape. Totes combined with leather and totes with pretty ribbons and flowers. Whatever your style or budget, there's a tote out there for you!

Let’s have a look at some straw totes that will be worth your while.

Magid Straw Tote w/blue accents (Lord & Taylor),  Straw Basket Bag (Topshop), Gap Straw Tote, Straw Studios Payton (Ebags),

Straw bags are my favorite warm weather accessory what’s yours?

Girls glaring from head to toe Dawn’s thinking, “what is she staring at?” Dawn- if you’re reading this, I think we know why these peeps are staring. It’s because you’re pretty venturesome with your outfit choices!

We give you mad props on being able to turn heads the way you do. It’s something you should be proud of. A San Jose native, Dawn has a knack for putting together unique pieces of clothing that turn heads no matter where she goes. She’s eclectic and does not have a favorite style. She’s inspired by art, magazines, and by people walking on the street.

Dawn’s wardrobe staples are her Levi’s denim shirt and black Michael Kors beaded cardigan. Both are recycled into her wardrobe constantly because they’re versatile and classic.

This mama currently loves the color blocking trend. “Even though it’s been around for a long time, it never gets old.” One thing she’s not a fan of- Ugg boots.

Beauty Routine
Last year Dawn broke out really bad where she went to see a Dermatologist. Now she washes her face twice daily using baby shampoo (since it’s gentle) and uses Jojoba oil as a moisturizer. 

We asked Dawn if Stacy and Clinton gave you $5,000- How would you use it? She’d update her wardrobe with these must haves: a black blazer, white collared shirt, and black flats. She’d also love to throw in..........a designer purse! Who wouldn't?!

This mommy of three views fashion as the gateway to express one’s self. If you see her walking down the street you’d see that she’s one bad mamma jamma!

Check out Dawn expressing herself in the slideshow below.

If you see Dawn anywhere make sure you say "Hi!"

-Sadie Blair
My Personal Style:

If I were to describe my style I’d say it’s more along the lines of classic,vintage, boho and chic. I like to wear classic cuts and love wearing bold colors. I gravitate towards classic pieces so that I can wear it for many years. I'm obsessed with vintage accessories and try to incorporate them with my modern pieces. I don't really follow trends and enjoy being unique!

What Inspires You?

I’m inspired by women with full time jobs running a crazy household, cooking & cleaning, involved in extracurricular activities, volunteering  at non-profit organizations, and yet still make time to write about fashion.

Who is your Fashion Muse?

Carrie Bradshaw,Blake Lively, Kourtney Kardashian, Nicole Richie, and Rachel Zoe. 

Carrie looked great in everything! Men's underwear, middriffs, midi-skirts, everything! Her closet was full of thrift finds and couture. She's ballsy and used her stove as storage-  what more can I say?

Blake Lively is bold and fashion forward. She's a gal that knows how to pick pieces that are flattering to her best features (long legs and big boobs).

Kourtney Kardashian does an exceptional job mixing masculine & feminine pieces together. Looking marvelous for a night on the town or sportin' a suit for the next big event, Kourtney's one hot mama!

Nicole Richie is a definite example of a boho babe. Oversized sunglasses and flowing maxi dresses so comfy and chic, what's not to love? 

Rachel Zoe is someone I go BA-NA-NAS about. She's obsessed with work, mean to her hubby, and manages her empire with a great team! She's also got the best hooker style boots to go with her amazing wardrobe.

What are your wardrobe staples?

A black full skirt, brightly colored pumps, nude blazer, and an oversized belt.

What piece of jewelry do you never take off?

I almost never take off a pendant that a great friend of mine gave me a few years back. It’s simple and I can layer it with my long necklaces.

What is your daily beauty routine?

Number one, and most important- I drink lots of water! I pop multivitamins and I wash my face every night. I have a love hate relationship with makeup. I love to buy it but hate putting it on. I’ve managed to get my Monday-Friday beauty routine down to two minutes! Benefit's Lemon Aid on my lids, liquid eyeliner, blush, fill in in my eyebrows, and colored lip gloss.

I don't necessarily follow trends because I enjoy being unique and know what works well for my body. There's nothing worse than someone thinking they look cute in something and it's all wrong for their body.

Now enough about me. Let's hear about you! What is your personal style? Copy and paste the questions and share your responses with us!

Farewell fashionistas!

As a show goes to commercial and advertisements for insurance come on, that’s usually my queue for a quick break to the ladies room. The past couple months I’ve actually sat on my comfy couch to watch the Top Chef Texas commercials. It wasn’t my love of food that kept me on the couch. It was Padma Lakshmi in a denim dress that I needed in my size.

A full skirt with a sweetheart top are the simple qualities that make the dress so ladylike! I’ve been keeping an eye out for a denim dress with those qualities ever since! 
Today I stopped by H&M and came across a denim dress with a full skirt. I even shrieked to myself thinking “Padma Lakshmi, Top Chef Texas!” It was exactly what I was looking for. Distressed denim, belted full skirt, and the perfect sleeve. Tried that bad boy on and before I knew it, I was at the register. Curious to see how I'm going to wear my new dress? Look below! 

Padma won't be the only one stylin' in denim. :)


White by Vera Wang(Courtesy of
Since the beginning of her wedding gown empire, Vera Wang has mastered the art of the wedding gown.  From the rich and famous in real life (Khloe Kardashian) and on the silver screen (Gossip Girl), Vera Wang makes the perfect dress for any bride.  When she collaborated with David's Bridal in 2011, it was like the wedding gods answered every little girl's prayers.  Designed by Vera herself, these beautiful designer gowns are now within reach (not to mention within budget) of every bride-to-be.  

This Spring, Vera just about out did herself from the flower petals, to the ruffles and even splashes of pink in the Spring 2012 White collection at David's Bridal.  The gowns are so devine that they even have me wishing I were in the market for a wedding gown!  Ms. Wang doesn't stop at dresses, she includes a satin shoe with a bow detail, belts and exquisit hair accessories that would make any bridesmaid blush.

In her feature on E! News, Vera Wang shared that part of her inspiration for this new line was from the 1950's.  It's clear that no matter what her inspiration is, she always dazzles us with what she sends brides down the aisle in.  And let's be honest, that aisle is your very own runway, you might as well rock it!

                                                                                                        love & glitter,

Sadie's chosen few from Jason Wu for Target
Jason Wu - we love you, but you probably already knew that, being that we got up early and traveled to a couple of Targets in search for your budget-friendly line yesterday.  You had us from the moment Target announced your line - well, actually from the moment the First Lady chose your dress for the Inaugural Ball in 2009.  We thought your designs were modern with just the right touch of classic and fun.  We're so smitten, that we've considered adopting a cat and naming her Milu in honor of your talent.  Thank you for designing for all American fashionistas!

Now, dearest Target, we have a bone to pick with you.  While you know we love you (and shop at your store often), there are some serious things you must consider before the next big designer launch.  
First, if you're going to show us a line, please have ALL pieces available at stores where that line will be available for purchase.  You see, there were certain pieces (see below) we had our hearts set on that weren't available at the first, second or third Target locations you published on your list.  If you take this into consideration, you'd have many more happy shoppers who are more than willing to spend money because the pieces you promote are actually in the store.  And then there's the issue of your website: We found the same here - not all pieces advertised were offered on the site.  Don't get us wrong, we are aware of the several very savvy shoppers ready to scoop up the goods, but we were one of the many, the night before the launch waiting for the big tweet from @TargetStyle announcing #JasonWuforTarget was live.  What we got were trickles of the line - a dress here, a tote bag there - It wasn't enough to stay up past 1am.   If you're going live with a launch - do us a favor and all of the wonderfully Wu pieces there and ready to be added to the cart.  C'mon, Target, we believe you can do better next time - we certainly hope you will, at least for fashion's sake!  

yours truly,
Sadie & Blair

Rain is officially here!!! Sadie Blair is based in the Bay Area and we FINALLY got  some rain this Winter season. It's a little late but better late than never! 

I've packed and vacuum sealed my Summer clothes some time ago and brought out my chunky sweaters and coats. Who knew I'd be digging them right back out in November and December? I thought Winter was going to hit us much sooner. Come to think of it, I was even wearing my flip flops in the middle of December.

The weather has been so unusual it's hard to determine what to put away. Winter arrived so late that the Spring collections are already coming out. I've seen brighter colors, jeweled sandals, and florals in stores, magazines, blogs, and anything else you can think of. I even know which sandal from Sole Society I'll be purchasing for Spring!   

This weird weather and the past two season's of my wardrobe are scattered in my closet. I have to say, I'm pretty content with the fact that I get to wear past season's clothing multiple times and that this late season has taught me to prepare for the unexpected.

Here's an outfit from Topshop that is similar to what I've been wearing in this bewildered weather. I won't be vacuum sealing my short sleeve chunky sweater anytime soon. Instead, I've been able to layer it over my long-sleeve silk blouse that I wore in the Summer and combining it with tights & some fun colored denim! A pop of color is always a must, and that's usually my purse or my shoes. ;)

Put on a coat and I'm ready for just about anything, well almost. 

Are you just as confused as I am about the weather or your wardrobe?  Tell us how you prepare for the unexpected!

Love, Blair
It's November and the holidays are just around the corner! Have you thought about what you're going to be wearing to any holiday parties this year? If you're thinking ahead like my bestie Sadie, then you've got your dress picked out and in a fed-ex vehicle ready to be delivered to your doorstep.

Today I was browsing through a number of online sites and found a few dresses perfect for the holidays! Shabby Apple, one of my favorite sites has a collection called "Tinsel Town". Very cute, very chic, and very flattering pieces that will look great on many body types. I've shopped with them before so I'm familiar how their pieces fit. Some items run a little large than others, so it's best to buy a couple different sizes.

Take a peek at some of the dresses from the "Tinsel Town" collection!
Photos Courtesy of Shabby Apple
What celebrations are you looking forward to and have you found the perfect dress for the occassion?

XO Blair
sole society polka dot peep toe
this morning was a little different than usual because i could feel fall right around the corner: the crisp air, the gentle breeze, and the new fashion!  it's one of my favorite times of the year.
while, blair has mentioned that her autumn color will be burnt orange, i've taken a bit of a different route and look forward to being spotted in polka dots, as the leaves change that pretty reddish, gold, orange, yellow color that is unique to this season.  luckily, my current obsession can be seen splashed all over the pages of the september issues of your favorite fashion mags.
i've taken a couple of pictures of some of the best ways to start incorporating this go-to pattern as the heat leaves us.  i admit, i have yet to add a polka dot shoe to my collection, but these two are definitely on my radar.  since i'm one for dresses, spotted tights are a must for the chilly air.  i'm also on a SJP kick, her feature in vogue was delightful and seeing her in a polka dot oscar de la renta gown was a happy discovery!
what will you be spotted in this fall?  i'd love to know!
                                                                                         fashionably yours,