Ever get a hand me down and say to yourself “what the heck do I do with this?”

As a child who always wanted new clothes and to always “fit in” I was often given things that I didn’t always appreciate. I remember I was in middle school and my mother handed down a straw bag with wooden handles. It was old and it certainly didn’t match anything I wore. So what did I do? I stored it in my closet for a while. A long while….

The older I got the more I learned that being different and having something that no one else has makes me unique. What made me even more different was my ability to put together current pieces with clothing and accessories that belong to my mother from many years ago.  

Here is one vintage modern look that I know will never fade!

A simple white button down shirt tucked in to a navy blue or black full midi-skirt is a clean modern look. It's a bit of vintage inspiration. The silhouette, high waist, and creme pumps remind me of the 40’s  and 50’s. I have yet to see cinched waist lines and full skirts go out of style. It's classic! What's even better is you can pair the white shirt and the skirt with different pieces to create different looks.

Here's another modern vintage look. Cinched waist, full skirt, and clean and simple silhouettes. I added a belt and a sun hat to reflect my personal style.
As years passed and I started to appreciate good quality clothing, I learned that being handed down something old is not always a bad thing. Fortunately for me, the things I was handed down were things of value. SCORE! So thankful I held on to the things my mother gave me.

The old straw bag with wooden handles that my mother handed down to me so long ago; has taught me not only to appreciate quality pieces but to learn how to put together something old with something new, to create a modern vintage look that works in today’s society.

I hope you can appreciate and create something old with something new into your wardrobes. It's a lot fun- try it!

Love, Blair
Have the day off? Fantastic! Spend it with those you love!

Sadie & I had the day off last Friday and we decided to get up early and get a head start to hit up some boutiques. It was a beautiful day! Not too hot with a nice cool breeze. I arrived a little early and sat in my car. As Sadie rolled up and hopped out of her car, I noticed immediately that she was wearing the same thing I was wearing. A shirtdress!

Do you know what a shirt dress is? Not too many people are familiar with a shirt dress but if you are a woman on the go and still want to feel comfy and look chic, this is a necessity in your wardrobe. You can wear it to the office or to a nice casual dinner date. Shirt dresses are fashionable yet an economical choice! 
The shirt dress is a straight silhouette perfect for many body shapes. Sadie and I both have very different body types yet we are the same height. The shirt dress works well for so many figures!

Sadie had on a khaki shirt dress with cute brown platform sandals. On the other hand I was wearing a long-sleeve denim shirt dress (sleeves rolled up) along with a pair of brown/camel pumps. We both love to wear belts so we added a belt to create a new silhouette accenting our curves. Sadie wore a neon green/tan belt and I wore a braided tan/creme belt. Both belts are from H&M! And both well under $10! What can we say? Both minds dress alike!

Sadie and I had plans to be out and about all day and we wanted to be comfortable and of course stylish. Personally, I love shirt dresses. I have a few in my closet that I wear to work and for a night out with the gals. You can't go wrong with such a simple yet stylish garment.

Please tell us how you feel about shirt dresses! Or if you'd like to know where to purchase one or how to wear a shirt dress feel free to contact us.

Cheers, Blair

Do you ever have days when you feel like there is so much going on you don't have time to yourself? If you're a busy bee and/or a mother then you know exactly what I'm talking about. When I'm down in the dumps and not feeling so cheerful I add a pop of color to my outfit. Trust me it works and you'll even get compliments!

Ladies, if you are a denim gal- skip it, take a chance and step into a skirt! You'll feel instant bliss and you'll  have a better outlook for the rest of your day.
No one would ever notice you're having a bad day in this outfit. This look is easy and most important, makes you feel happy so you can't be in a bad mood! Don't you want to be happy?

XO, Blair
A Perfect Easter Dress
I have to admit, I always look forward to Easter Sunday.  Specifically because, like Christmas, most people plan to wear a special outfit for the holiday.  The blue skies and warm weather made for an exceptionally beautiful Easter, which made it easy for me to spot the stylish folks.  Now that leads me to Stephanie in her striped white and yellow dress from Anthropologie.

Not only are the stripes right on trend for Spring, she paired this lovely dress with pink platform peep-toe heels by Butter.  (Kudos to those who go out on a limb with an unexpected shoe-choice, like Stephanie.)  With spaghetti straps and a bow that ties at the waist, this dress has my favorite feature: pockets.  Functional and fabulous, this ensemble gets my vote as a perfect Easter dress that simply put, makes me smile and is so fitting for a day that celebrates new beginnings.  So, join me, and let's toast to Spring and the real fashion that Stephanie shared with us!

Do you have real style?  Send us pictures of your fashionable outfits and you might be featured in "Real Fashion"!  sadieblairfashion@gmail.com
Did you ever LOVE Sanrio as a child? I'm sure just about every little girl loved walking into that beautiful sweet smelling store. I remember collecting pencils, pens, erasers, buying candy, and my absolute favorite- STICKERS! Oh the memories....

Well Sadie and I are definitely not little girls anymore, we do still have an obsession with Hello Kitty. We figure why stop collecting now?

For about the past decade we've had another love affair with the ever so charming Tarina Tarantino! Sadie and I absolutely LOVE the Pink Head collection and we've been an avid collector for many years.

If you don't know who Tarina Tarantino visit http://www.tarinatarantino.com/tarinasworld_mystory.asp. The website and Tarina's story speaks for itself.

Isn't her stuff cute??? Tarina Tarantino accessories are all handmade and made in the U.S.

What we LOVE about The Pink Head collection is that Tarina Tarantino allows our fond memories to  come out and play! We loved Hello Kitty growing up and we can still enjoy the simple pleasure of being able to wear the playful jewelry as an adult. 

Winning? Absolutely!

Take a glimse at what I've been collecting over the years. I've also got two more on the way ;). Sadie's also got quite the collection!

When you purchase anything from Tarantino you'll receive a few things: a pretty pink bag, along with a Tarina Tarantino card of authenticity, a care card (sometimes), and a pink Organza bag to keep your new goodies in.

Now tell us do you remember collecting anything when you were growing up? If so, please share! 

Love & Sparkles, Blair
When Blair and I started this blog, we wanted to dedicate "Real Fashion" to people we see rockin' his or her own style in everyday life.  We want real fashion to represent you.  

I was lucky when Lora-Lee agreed to let me take her picture during a rainy Sunday morning in March.  She is a lovely woman in her 70's who represents her own style very well.  Anyone can wear all black when the weather calls for it, but what I loved about her is that she added pops of color that took her ensemble from bland to brilliant.

Here, you'll see her red boots (Nordstrom Rack), paired with red and orange striped socks.  She jazzed up her black sweater with a multicolored striped scarf from Italy, and a bold silver pendant necklace that she purchased in Greece.

Chic, colorful, comfortable.  You can't beat that. 

Spring is here and what's the trend? Bows!!! As we mentioned in a previous post http://www.sadieblair.com/8/post/2011/03/bow-time.html it's Bow Time!

We see such a big trend with bows this season. Some of you may think bows are for little girls and you may be too old to sport a bow in your hair, well peeps think again! 

Check out different ways to keep up with this trend.  
Anyone can wear a bow. It may be a belt with a bow on it, gloves with a decorative bow sewn to the side, or my favorite- a scarf tied into a bow, anyone can wear a pretty bow on just about any part of the body. A cute simple bow shaped brooch pinned to a simple scarf or blazer can dress up any boring outfit. It's just a matter of finding out what works for you.
Photo Courtesy of Racked
Headbands or belts not for you? How about bow flourished jewelry? This is another example in which you can incorporate into your outfit. These are classic, yet simple, and a great touch to any ensemble.

Do you love bows? Tell us how you plan to wear bows this season!

XO Blair
Check out the bold colors, playful jewelry, and darling little shoes from Kate Spade. The handbags are so classic and chic. Tell us what are your favorites from Kate Spade?
XO Blair
Photos Courtesy of Kate Spade
 Valentino Bow Pump $745, Jessica Simpson Kendale Pump $59.90, Valentino Bow Trim d'Orsay Pump $645.

Bows galore! I stopped in Nordtrom's last night for their shoe clearance and noticed all the bows on the designer shoes. One that really caught my eye is the Valentino bow pump. Definitely NOT on sale but very simple yet very chic. These pumps would look great paired with a Spring dress!

I also spotted a Jessica Simpson bow pump browsing through the clearance racks. This one was on sale for $59.90. Half off retail! The Jessica Simpson pump is similar to Valentino's pump but much more affordable and with a lower heel. If you want the same designer look but can't really afford to dish out the moolah, do a little digging. You'll be surprised at what you find!
Photos Courtesy of Nordstrom
Sunday morning is my favorite day of the week. I like to grab a cup of coffee from a local Starbucks to get my day started. My weekends usually consist of running errands all day and hustling to get ready for the evening's fabulous festivities.

I want to know what your typical weekend wear is! Please do share! 

When my friends run into me I am usually running around with what my friends call a "grandma" sweater and "luggage" (which is my OVERSIZED purse with bricks in it). Along with my MOST comfortable pair of black denim jeans from Ann Taylor Loft, a hat, and Gucci sunglasses!

XO Blair