Did you ever LOVE Sanrio as a child? I'm sure just about every little girl loved walking into that beautiful sweet smelling store. I remember collecting pencils, pens, erasers, buying candy, and my absolute favorite- STICKERS! Oh the memories....

Well Sadie and I are definitely not little girls anymore, we do still have an obsession with Hello Kitty. We figure why stop collecting now?

For about the past decade we've had another love affair with the ever so charming Tarina Tarantino! Sadie and I absolutely LOVE the Pink Head collection and we've been an avid collector for many years.

If you don't know who Tarina Tarantino visit http://www.tarinatarantino.com/tarinasworld_mystory.asp. The website and Tarina's story speaks for itself.

Isn't her stuff cute??? Tarina Tarantino accessories are all handmade and made in the U.S.

What we LOVE about The Pink Head collection is that Tarina Tarantino allows our fond memories to  come out and play! We loved Hello Kitty growing up and we can still enjoy the simple pleasure of being able to wear the playful jewelry as an adult. 

Winning? Absolutely!

Take a glimse at what I've been collecting over the years. I've also got two more on the way ;). Sadie's also got quite the collection!

When you purchase anything from Tarantino you'll receive a few things: a pretty pink bag, along with a Tarina Tarantino card of authenticity, a care card (sometimes), and a pink Organza bag to keep your new goodies in.

Now tell us do you remember collecting anything when you were growing up? If so, please share! 

Love & Sparkles, Blair