As a show goes to commercial and advertisements for insurance come on, that’s usually my queue for a quick break to the ladies room. The past couple months I’ve actually sat on my comfy couch to watch the Top Chef Texas commercials. It wasn’t my love of food that kept me on the couch. It was Padma Lakshmi in a denim dress that I needed in my size.

A full skirt with a sweetheart top are the simple qualities that make the dress so ladylike! I’ve been keeping an eye out for a denim dress with those qualities ever since! 
Today I stopped by H&M and came across a denim dress with a full skirt. I even shrieked to myself thinking “Padma Lakshmi, Top Chef Texas!” It was exactly what I was looking for. Distressed denim, belted full skirt, and the perfect sleeve. Tried that bad boy on and before I knew it, I was at the register. Curious to see how I'm going to wear my new dress? Look below! 

Padma won't be the only one stylin' in denim. :)


Have the day off? Fantastic! Spend it with those you love!

Sadie & I had the day off last Friday and we decided to get up early and get a head start to hit up some boutiques. It was a beautiful day! Not too hot with a nice cool breeze. I arrived a little early and sat in my car. As Sadie rolled up and hopped out of her car, I noticed immediately that she was wearing the same thing I was wearing. A shirtdress!

Do you know what a shirt dress is? Not too many people are familiar with a shirt dress but if you are a woman on the go and still want to feel comfy and look chic, this is a necessity in your wardrobe. You can wear it to the office or to a nice casual dinner date. Shirt dresses are fashionable yet an economical choice! 
The shirt dress is a straight silhouette perfect for many body shapes. Sadie and I both have very different body types yet we are the same height. The shirt dress works well for so many figures!

Sadie had on a khaki shirt dress with cute brown platform sandals. On the other hand I was wearing a long-sleeve denim shirt dress (sleeves rolled up) along with a pair of brown/camel pumps. We both love to wear belts so we added a belt to create a new silhouette accenting our curves. Sadie wore a neon green/tan belt and I wore a braided tan/creme belt. Both belts are from H&M! And both well under $10! What can we say? Both minds dress alike!

Sadie and I had plans to be out and about all day and we wanted to be comfortable and of course stylish. Personally, I love shirt dresses. I have a few in my closet that I wear to work and for a night out with the gals. You can't go wrong with such a simple yet stylish garment.

Please tell us how you feel about shirt dresses! Or if you'd like to know where to purchase one or how to wear a shirt dress feel free to contact us.

Cheers, Blair