Spring is here and what's the trend? Bows!!! As we mentioned in a previous post http://www.sadieblair.com/8/post/2011/03/bow-time.html it's Bow Time!

We see such a big trend with bows this season. Some of you may think bows are for little girls and you may be too old to sport a bow in your hair, well peeps think again! 

Check out different ways to keep up with this trend.  
Anyone can wear a bow. It may be a belt with a bow on it, gloves with a decorative bow sewn to the side, or my favorite- a scarf tied into a bow, anyone can wear a pretty bow on just about any part of the body. A cute simple bow shaped brooch pinned to a simple scarf or blazer can dress up any boring outfit. It's just a matter of finding out what works for you.
Photo Courtesy of Racked
Headbands or belts not for you? How about bow flourished jewelry? This is another example in which you can incorporate into your outfit. These are classic, yet simple, and a great touch to any ensemble.

Do you love bows? Tell us how you plan to wear bows this season!

XO Blair
Is Fall your favorite season? Well mine is! With Spring just around the corner I've been thinking about how to incorporate my fall/winter clothing into my least favorite season, Spring.

Normally, in the Fall I'd wear a dress similar to the left with tights, a long peacoat, scarf, and if it's really cold- leather boots. With warm weather slowly approaching, I would change up my style by adding the items shown.

Notice the changes?

Choosing a nice sandal or platform changes the look! Add a lighter jacket and a few bangals- you've got yourself a new outfit without having to buy a new dress. The shoes shown can also be worn in the Fall so you don't have to buy new shoes each season. If you're on a budget, restyling your favorite pieces season after season is one great way to save money.

Now tell us which shoe would you pick with this outfit and why?!