A Perfect Easter Dress
I have to admit, I always look forward to Easter Sunday.  Specifically because, like Christmas, most people plan to wear a special outfit for the holiday.  The blue skies and warm weather made for an exceptionally beautiful Easter, which made it easy for me to spot the stylish folks.  Now that leads me to Stephanie in her striped white and yellow dress from Anthropologie.

Not only are the stripes right on trend for Spring, she paired this lovely dress with pink platform peep-toe heels by Butter.  (Kudos to those who go out on a limb with an unexpected shoe-choice, like Stephanie.)  With spaghetti straps and a bow that ties at the waist, this dress has my favorite feature: pockets.  Functional and fabulous, this ensemble gets my vote as a perfect Easter dress that simply put, makes me smile and is so fitting for a day that celebrates new beginnings.  So, join me, and let's toast to Spring and the real fashion that Stephanie shared with us!

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Sunday morning is my favorite day of the week. I like to grab a cup of coffee from a local Starbucks to get my day started. My weekends usually consist of running errands all day and hustling to get ready for the evening's fabulous festivities.

I want to know what your typical weekend wear is! Please do share! 

When my friends run into me I am usually running around with what my friends call a "grandma" sweater and "luggage" (which is my OVERSIZED purse with bricks in it). Along with my MOST comfortable pair of black denim jeans from Ann Taylor Loft, a hat, and Gucci sunglasses!

XO Blair