Girls glaring from head to toe Dawn’s thinking, “what is she staring at?” Dawn- if you’re reading this, I think we know why these peeps are staring. It’s because you’re pretty venturesome with your outfit choices!

We give you mad props on being able to turn heads the way you do. It’s something you should be proud of. A San Jose native, Dawn has a knack for putting together unique pieces of clothing that turn heads no matter where she goes. She’s eclectic and does not have a favorite style. She’s inspired by art, magazines, and by people walking on the street.

Dawn’s wardrobe staples are her Levi’s denim shirt and black Michael Kors beaded cardigan. Both are recycled into her wardrobe constantly because they’re versatile and classic.

This mama currently loves the color blocking trend. “Even though it’s been around for a long time, it never gets old.” One thing she’s not a fan of- Ugg boots.

Beauty Routine
Last year Dawn broke out really bad where she went to see a Dermatologist. Now she washes her face twice daily using baby shampoo (since it’s gentle) and uses Jojoba oil as a moisturizer. 

We asked Dawn if Stacy and Clinton gave you $5,000- How would you use it? She’d update her wardrobe with these must haves: a black blazer, white collared shirt, and black flats. She’d also love to throw in..........a designer purse! Who wouldn't?!

This mommy of three views fashion as the gateway to express one’s self. If you see her walking down the street you’d see that she’s one bad mamma jamma!

Check out Dawn expressing herself in the slideshow below.

If you see Dawn anywhere make sure you say "Hi!"

-Sadie Blair
Ever get a hand me down and say to yourself “what the heck do I do with this?”

As a child who always wanted new clothes and to always “fit in” I was often given things that I didn’t always appreciate. I remember I was in middle school and my mother handed down a straw bag with wooden handles. It was old and it certainly didn’t match anything I wore. So what did I do? I stored it in my closet for a while. A long while….

The older I got the more I learned that being different and having something that no one else has makes me unique. What made me even more different was my ability to put together current pieces with clothing and accessories that belong to my mother from many years ago.  

Here is one vintage modern look that I know will never fade!

A simple white button down shirt tucked in to a navy blue or black full midi-skirt is a clean modern look. It's a bit of vintage inspiration. The silhouette, high waist, and creme pumps remind me of the 40’s  and 50’s. I have yet to see cinched waist lines and full skirts go out of style. It's classic! What's even better is you can pair the white shirt and the skirt with different pieces to create different looks.

Here's another modern vintage look. Cinched waist, full skirt, and clean and simple silhouettes. I added a belt and a sun hat to reflect my personal style.
As years passed and I started to appreciate good quality clothing, I learned that being handed down something old is not always a bad thing. Fortunately for me, the things I was handed down were things of value. SCORE! So thankful I held on to the things my mother gave me.

The old straw bag with wooden handles that my mother handed down to me so long ago; has taught me not only to appreciate quality pieces but to learn how to put together something old with something new, to create a modern vintage look that works in today’s society.

I hope you can appreciate and create something old with something new into your wardrobes. It's a lot fun- try it!

Love, Blair