For as long as I can remember I tried to stay away from pastel tones and anything with a soft palette. Cream, dusty rose, pastel green, and light yellows I was afraid of. Corals, teal, fucshia, and cobalt blue are usually the colors I gravitate to. It wasn't until I re-organized my closet that I realized I had way too many coral dresses or cobalt blue tops. When I would go shopping I found myself picking up the same colors that were already in my closet. Did I really need another blue blouse? I was wasting my money!

I knew that the next time I would go shopping I would stear clear from the brights section and make my way to the other side. The lighter side! 

Finally, I got the courage to branch out and I slowly started buying blush tone blouses, nude skirts and cream dresses. Those colors paired so well with many things in my closet! Who knew?!

Eventually I added a few more pastels to my wardrobe. It was a matter of finding the perfect hue that complemented my skin tone. Cotton candy pink never seemed to work for my skin tone but I've found lavender, mint, and pale yellow colors have slowly made its way into my closet and it's been quite refreshing!

Tell me what are your fashion fears and how you overcame them! 

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