When Blair and I started this blog, we wanted to dedicate "Real Fashion" to people we see rockin' his or her own style in everyday life.  We want real fashion to represent you.  

I was lucky when Lora-Lee agreed to let me take her picture during a rainy Sunday morning in March.  She is a lovely woman in her 70's who represents her own style very well.  Anyone can wear all black when the weather calls for it, but what I loved about her is that she added pops of color that took her ensemble from bland to brilliant.

Here, you'll see her red boots (Nordstrom Rack), paired with red and orange striped socks.  She jazzed up her black sweater with a multicolored striped scarf from Italy, and a bold silver pendant necklace that she purchased in Greece.

Chic, colorful, comfortable.  You can't beat that. 


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